DVI Scaler


CP-255ID - DVI/VGA/CV/SV to DVI Scaler

​The Multi-Input to DVI Scaler is capable of scaling and source-switching from Composite Video, S-Video, PC (VGA) and DVI input signals to a DVI output. A corresponding analog stereo audio input can be switched and sent to the stereo audio output with the vi...

CM-348ST - YCbCr/CV/SV to DVI Scaler

The CM-348ST is designed to convert Composite Video, S-Video ,YCbCr, and RGBS signals to a variety of computer and HDTV resolutions. It accepts video input of all video systems (NTSC, PAL and SECAM). The CM-348ST has many great features to upgrade video source to high r...

CP-254 - DVI to DVI Scaler

​The CP-254 can accept both PC and HDTV input in the format of digital DVI. Use the DVI-to DVI cable to connect the DVI output of a PC ot HDTV device to the DVI input connector of the CP-254. The CP-254 can output a variety of PC resolution and HDTV progressive resolu...

CP-255DN - DVI/VGA/Component Video to DVI/VGA Scaler

This DVI/PC/HD to DVI/PC Scaler is capable of scaling and source switching from PC (VGA), Component Video (SD/HD) and DVI input signals to analog PC (VGA) and digital DVI outputs. It has the added benefit of control through front panel buttons and IR Remote, and there i...

CP-298D - DVI to DVI Scaler

​This Scaler Box is design to display your DVI images on the HDTV with better viewing image. It can upscale DVI input sources to DVI output for wide-range of HD resolutions; the resolution support XGA/UXGA/720p/1080p/1366 x 768/1440 x 900/1400 x 1050. This unit allows...

CP-300VD - VGA to DVI Scaler

​The VGA to DVI Scaler is designed to convert a VGA signal to DVI so that it can be displayed on a DVI monitor without loss of image quality. The unit can upscale VGA input sources to DVI output for a wide range of PC resolutions from VGA to WUXGA. The Scaler has a va...