Down Scaler


CPT-385AMN - VGA to CV/SV Scaler

​This VGA to CV/SV scaler is designed to convert and scale a variety of analog computer resolutions, from VGA to WUXGA (RB), into interlaced NTSC or PAL video. With frame rate conversion and Overscan/Underscan features that allow users to view a PC source on a Composi...

CPT-387HD - Component Video to CV/SV Scaler with Component Video Bypass Output

​The HD Component to Video Converter with HD bypass is designed to convert a variety of analog component images, from 480p up to 1080p and can convert them to NTSC or PAL standards video with an additional HD bypass output. Users can also adjust the Overscan/Underscan...

CV-400H - HDMI to CV Scaler

​This HDMI to Composite Converter will convert an HDMI digital signal to an analog NTSC or PAL signal with analog (L/R) stereo audio. This device provides the ability to convert a high definition signal to a standard definition resolution (480i or 576i) for use with D...

CV-401D - DVI to CV Scaler

​The DVI to Video Scan Converter is designed to convert the digital video signal from DVI-D sources to analog Composite (CVBS) signal for use in an NTSC or PAL system. It is HDMI™ and DVI compliant and has many great features such as 3D noise reduction, frame rate c...

CV-401H - HDMI to CV Scaler

​The HDMI™ to Video Scan Converter is designed to convert a digital signal from an HDMI source to analog NTSC or PAL signal, with additional L/R stereo audio output. This device allows the user to convert high definition video to standard resolution (480i or 576i) C...

CV-401V - PC/Component Video to CV Scaler

The PC to Video Scan Converter is designed to down-scale a PC/Component source to analog CVBS for use in an NTSC or PAL system. Ideal for businesses with multiple CCTV cameras, this device takes your high-resolution camera footage and scales it to lower resolutions. Sup...