USB To HDMI Converter


CDL-125 - USB to HDMI Wired Converter

​This USB to HDMI converter enables you to add an additional monitor to a laptop or desktop through the use of USB 2.0 ports, freeing you from the complicated process of installing VGA cards. With this device, you can extend your display across two screens, letting yo...

CDL-160ETH - USB/Ethernet to HDMI Converter

​The Ethernet and USB to HDMI Converter allows you to use a TV as your laptop/desktops primary display. Simply connect the TV to the device and then plug the device into the Ethernet network and your TV will instantly become the PC’s principal display. This Converte...

CDL-165HUB - USB/Ethernet to HDMI/PC/USB Wired Converter

​Today people are spending more of their time around technology, especially for entertainment purposes, and often encounter problems. People spend a lot of their watching Internet TV (HULU for instance is a popular source for internet TV and movies However when the In...

CETH-4HDI - USB/Ethernet to HDMI Splitter/Converter

The USB/Ethernet to HDMI Splitter/Converter allows the user to display PC source content on up to 4 HDMI screens/monitors in an extended desktop mode via the extender's USB or Ethernet inputs. If a laptop is connected, the laptop screen content can be mirrored on HDMI o...