Other Audio Converter


CLUX-11HB - HDMI Audio Bridge

​This unit is designed to convert analog or digital audio signals into an HDMI output, allowing easy integration of audio only sources with HDMI distribution systems. This device adds a 'blue-screen' video feed with a simple on-screen display that shows the current au...

DCT-18N - Lip Sync Corrector

​This unit is a compact device that can correct audio delays between audio and video. When distributing video over long distances through multiple devices like distribution mplifiers and set-top boxes there can sometimes be a noticeable delay which...

DCT-6S - Stereo Audio Volume Leveller

​This unit incorporating SRS TruVolume technology regulates TV channel volume to your preferred listening level and prevents annoying fluctuations that occur when channel surfing as well as taming those obnoxious commercials. It also lets you hear everything you’ve ...

DCT-8S - HDMI Audio Volume Leveller

​This unit is an advanced HDMI™ to HDMI audio repeater and decoder that incorporates SRS TruVolume™ technology. This device, which prevents annoying fluctuations during commercials or bursting sounds from action scenes always maintains a perfect volume level. The ...