Audio Switcher


DCT-17 - 4×1 Optical Audio Switcher

​The 4 by 1 Optical Audio Switcher has four digital optical inputs and one digital optical output and allows users with multiple optical sources to switch between sources without delay. The device has a built-in 'last memory' function and IR remote control which provi...

DCT-31 - 8×20 Digital Audio Switching Splitter

This Coaxial and Optical Switching Splitter allows the switching and distribution of 8 digital audio inputs (4 coaxial and 4 optical) to 20 digital audio outputs (10 coaxial and 10 optical). It supports sampling rates up to 192kHz and formats up to 5.1 mu...

DT-21 - 2×1 Optical Audio Switcher

​The Optical Digital Audio Switcher can switch two optical digital inputs to a single optical digital output to lengths of up to 5m, using TOSLink optical cables, reliably and without loss of quality. It is designed to be compact, easy to install and use, making it id...