USB over IP Extender


CA-USBS100R - USB over Single CAT5e/6/7 Receiver

​With USB being the standard connection for consumer electronic products, there has long been a need for something to let us operate our many devices over long distances. The USB over CAT5e/6 transmitter and receiver boxes developed for this purpose as they can operat...

CH-701TR - USB 2.0 Hub Transceiver with Audio/LAN

​Currently, USB is the most prevalent interface standard in use today, and almost every webcam, storage device, and HID (Human Interface Device) uses it. Applications for USB are everywhere, so naturally the need to extend the range of a USB connection is just as comm...

CH-710TXRX - USB 2.0 Extender

​The compact and low cost design USB 2.0 Extenders is designed to fit current prevalent interface standard for nowadays. This USB 2.0 extender provides simple way to extend USB 2.0 signal, with high quality data stream over single category cable, with h...