USB over Single CAT5e/6/7 Receiver

CA-USBS100R - 45 degree
CA-USBS100R - 45 degree
CA-USBS100R - Front
CA-USBS100R - Back
​With USB being the standard connection for consumer electronic products, there has long been a need for something to let us operate our many devices over long distances. The USB over CAT5e/6 transmitter and receiver boxes developed for this purpose as they can operate in both the home and commercial markets. These devices allow most of the USB host to send data bidirectional within a 100-meter distance while offering up to 4 USB outputs, giving this product the ability to act like a USB hub. In addition, this product can
also access data from the output port devices even when there’s 100 meters separating the devices or using Ethernet hub in between to extend the distance double up to 200 meters. The USB over CAT5e/6 transmitter and receiver boxes are the ideal choice for your USB extension needs.
  • ​Supports USB 2.0 (High Speed) devices
  • Operates at USB 2.0 (High Speed) host controllers
  • True plug and play without any driver installation
  • Supports all major operating systems including WindowsR, MAC OSR, and Linux
  • CAT5e/6 cable distance is up to 100 meters
  • LED indicators for easy viewing
  • Each USB output carries 500 mA of power
Inputs 1x RJ-45 [1x Propriety Data]
Outputs 4x USB Type-A [4x Propriety Data]
PSU: 5V/3A
Dimensions 102mm [W] x 90mm [D] x 25mm [H]
Net Weight 214g

    Available Transmitter / Receiver