USB to Coaxial Audio Converter (up to 384kHz)

CDB-6HR - 45 degree
CDB-6HR - 45 degree
CDB-6HR - Front
CDB-6HR - Back

This unit is a simple but smart device and no external power is required. It allows you to connect your PC/laptop to an audio amplifier or other audio destination that has an S/PDIF input without needing a dedicated audio card. This compact HD audio product supports LPCM 2.0 audio with a maximum sampling rate of 384kHz at 24bits. This unit connects to your PC/laptop using any available USB 2.0 (or higher) port (Windows and Mac OSX compatible).

  • Output HD audio from your PC/laptop to an audio amplifier
  • Superior USB audio processor (XMOS U8A) which supports up to 384kHz/24bits sample rate
  • Superior coaxial module supporting up to 384kHz audio
  • Simple operation and compact design
  • No external power required
Inputs 1x USB Type-B [1x Propriety Data]
Outputs 1x TOSLINK [1x OPTICAL 2 Channel LPCM]
PSU: USB powered
Dimensions 69mm [W] x 25mm [D] x 22mm [H]
Net Weight 48g