1×4 DisplayPort Splitter

CDP-14C - 45 degree
CDP-14C - 45 degree
CDP-14C - Front
CDP-14C - Back
​The DisplayPort (DP) 1 by 4 splitter allows single DP source to be display on four DP input monitors simultaneously. It supports video resolution up to 2560 x 1600 and audio up to PCM 7.1 switch provides a fast switch between source and display and save EDID’s reading sink time to allow image display properly. The DP 1 by 4 splitter is an ideal device for your DP source to multi display.
  • ​Supports DisplayPort specification V1.1a
  • Deep Color video up to 12-bit, resolution support up to 2560x1600
  • Supports audio up to PCM 7.1CH (32-192kHz Fs sample rate)
  • Supports pixel component formate with RGB; YCbCr 422; YCbCr 444
  • Color sapce conversion between RGB and YCbCr color space
  • Supports 1.62/2.7 Gbps data rate (Low/High bit rate)
  • Supports flexible 1/2/4 lanes configurations; Full 10.8Gbps data ratesupport (4lanes at 2.7Gbps)
  • Supports EDID switch and setting
Inputs 1x DisplayPort [1x Uncompressed AV]
Outputs 4x DisplayPort [4x Uncompressed AV]
PSU: 5V/3A
Dimensions 270mm [W] x 124mm [D] x 29mm [H]
Net Weight 770g