Control System Center

CDPS-CS4 - 45 degree
CDPS-CS4 - 45 degree
CDPS-CS4 - Front
CDPS-CS4 - Back

As we enter a new era of smart devices, the dream of controlling everything with one finger is finally upon us. This Control System Center allows those dreams to come true by not only providing direct but also indirect control interfaces for all of your devices. Direct control methods such as IR (with IR learning), RS-232, relay, and DC triggers allow users to maintain traditional styles of control over devices while indirect device control is possible using telnet allowing users to control newer, more complicated devices. With this product you can pre-program and recall up to 16 distinct macros (8 can be directly activated via external triggers or IR remote) providing for complete control over your audio and video environment.


    • Supports 1 IR Learning input, 8 IR Blaster outputs, 8 Trigger inputs, 8 Relay outputs, 2 COM ports, and 4 Ethernet ports
    • Supports an IR learning function which captures the IR signal broadcast by your remote when you press a button for retransmission as a part of a macro
    • Supports trigger inputs with a voltage range of 0~15V (triggers at 5V)
    • Supports Baud rates from 4800bps to 115200bps
    • Supports 10/100 Ethernet network connections

            Inputs 1x 3.5mm [1x IRL (IR Learning) Infrared Receiver]
            8x Terminal Block 2-pin [8x Trigger]
            1x USB Type-A [1x SERVICE Propriety Data]
            Outputs 8x 3.5mm [8x Infrared Emitter]
            2x DE-9 [2x RS-232 Data]
            8x Terminal Block 2-pin [8x Relay]
            4x RJ-45 [4x IP Control]
            PSU: 5V/2.6A
            Dimensions 432mm [W] x 181mm [D] x 49mm [H]
            Net Weight 2186g