Trigger Control Keypad

CDPS-TG1 - Front
CDPS-TG1 - Front
CDPS-TG1 - Back

This keypad is designed to be a simple and efficient interface for a more complex control system. This keypad features a set of 8 buttons which directly activate its 8 trigger connections which can be attached to any compatible control system. The keypad’s connection cable allows for the extension of instant system control to locations that are more convenient for user interaction such as a conference table, lectern, or wall plate. The sophisticated appearance makes this keypad an elegant and decorative addition to your living or working space.

  • 8 buttons linked directly to 8 triggers which are capable of instantly activating macros or functions on a connected control device
  • Provides instant extended physical control of compatible control devices
  • Allows for easy execution of macros (on compatible control systems) which can activate complex, multi-step, events with a single button press
  • No external power supply required
  • User customizable button labels
  • Elegant appearance
Outputs 1x 1-Pin Terminal Block [1x VCC Trigger]
1x 1-Pin Terminal Block [1x GND Trigger]
8x 1-Pin Terminal Block [8x Trigger]
Dimensions 70mm [W] x 33mm [D] x 70mm [H]
Net Weight 100g