1×4 Dual-link DVI Splitter

CDVI-4DDS - 45 degree
CDVI-4DDS - 45 degree
CDVI-4DDS - Front
CDVI-4DDS - Back
​The Dual-Link DVI splitter allows a single DVI-D signal to be split into two/four DVI outputs. Accept both Single-Link and Dual-Link DVI signal with supporting the highest resolution of WQXGA for Dual-Link and WUXGA@RB for Single-Link DVI this wonderful device allows users with a multi-screen viewing.
  • ​Supports video resolutions up to WQXGA with Dual-Link DVI or WUXGA with Single-Link DVI
  • Built-in adaptive equalizer provides long cable support
  • Support EDID function
  • Individual control of hot plug detect
Inputs 1x DVI-I [1x Dual-link DVI DVI-D]
Outputs 4x DVI-I [4x Dual-link DVI DVI-D]
PSU: 5V/4A
Dimensions 141mm [W] x 163mm [D] x 38mm [H]
Net Weight 670g