CV/SV to VGA Scaler

SKU: CM-1390M
CM-1390M - 45 degree
CM-1390M - 45 degree
CM-1390M - Front
CM-1390M - Back
​This professional video scaler is designed to convert Composite and S-Video signal into PC(RGB) or HD(YPoPr) format, scales it up to a maximum output of WUXGA 1920 x 1200 @60RB (when used with a PC monitor) or 1080p resolution (when used with an HDTV display). Capable of handling NTSC and PAL TV standards, this device has many features to enhance the quality of your video.
  • ​Motion adaptive 3D Y/C separation comb filter (for composite video input only)
  • 3D (frame Based) motion adaptive YNR/CNR noise reduction (for Y/C video input)
  • Advanced 3D motion adaptive deinterlace
  • Autiomatic 2:2/3:2 film mode detection
  • Composite out supports 50Hz or 60Hz frame rate conversion (480p/576p excluded)
  • Video quality improvement: DCTI (Digital Chroma Transient Improvement), DLTI (Digital Luminance Transient Improvement) Black level extension
  • Average Picture Level (APL), Automatic Contrast Limiter (ACL) function supported
  • OSD menu for picture quality adjustment
  • Built-in 10-bit DAC for RGB or YPbPr output
  • Front Panel and IR remote control
  • Automatic NTSC/PAL video format detection and switching
Inputs 1x RCA [1x Composite Video]
1x Mini-DIN-4 [1x S-video]
Outputs 1x HD-15 [1x PC/HD RGBHV / YPbPr Component]
PSU: 5V/1A
Dimensions 125mm [W] x 123mm [D] x 30mm [H]
Net Weight 400g