CGA/YCbCr to VGA Scaler

SKU: CM-397M
CM-397M - 45 degree
CM-397M - 45 degree
CM-397M - Front
CM-397M - Back
​This is an analog CGA (RGB) or Component (YCbCr) to PC Converter that can scale the signal to 3 different PC modes; VGA, XGA or WXGA. The unit enables you to connect RGB or YCbCr signal sources such as game consoles or video players to a PC display. It provides further features such as phase & H/V position adjustment, a field-invert setting, and an on-screen (OSD) display.
  • ​Accepts CGA (RGB) or Component (YCbCr) format and converts to PC format
  • Scales CGA or Component (YCbCr 480i/576i) signals up to VGA/ XGA/WXGA PC resolutions
  • 50/60Hz frame rate conversion ensures error-free display (576i only)
  • The CGA (RGB) input is auto-detected and can be RGBHV, RGB H+V or RGsB (Sync-on-Green)
  • The Component (YCbCr) input is auto-detected and can be YPbPrHV, YPbPrS or YPbPr (Sync-on-Y)
  • Play video games on your PC monitors
  • Supports CGA at 480i and 576i
  • Supports phase and horizontal/vertical position adjustment
  • Supports field-invert setting
  • Supports several types of signal synchronizations, including Composite Sync, Sync-on-Green and Sync-on-Y
  • High-resolution output picture
  • Plug and Play design, easy to setup and there is no driver software required
  • Palm- size design for easy transportation
Inputs 1x HD-15 [1x CGA / YCbCr Component]
Outputs 1x HD-15 [1x VGA RGBHV]
PSU: 5V/1.2A
Dimensions 64mm [W] x 112mm [D] x 26mm [H]
Net Weight 90g