4×4 Infrared Matrix

CMIR-44 - 45 degree
CMIR-44 - 45 degree
CMIR-44 - Front
CMIR-44 - Back
CMIR-44 - Schematic
The 4×4 Infrared Matrix is designed to control up to four sources from four display locations, using the original remote or universal remote controls. You can control DVD/Blu-ray players, satellite and set-top boxes. A true matrix design allows any of the four inputs to be routed to any (or all) of the IR outputs giving full independent source to screen (or screen to source) control. With the added benefit of an IR master input and output, which can be used to control an HDMI matrix, this product will allow you to fully control your sources and displays. Simply place the IR extender near the display and put the IR blaster in a position so that all devices will receive the IR signal. So, if you are looking for a way to extend the control of IR, The 4 by 4 Infrared Matrix is a great choice.
  • Supports independent IR input and output selection and control
  • Supports an IR frequency range of 30 kHz~50 kHz
  • Use your existing remote controls or programmable/universal remote controls
  • Supports IR remote control and on-panel control
Inputs 4x 3.5mm [4x Infrared Receiver]
1x 3.5mm [1x IR IN ALL Infrared Receiver]
Outputs 4x 3.5mm [4x Infrared Emitter]
1x 3.5mm [1x IR OUT ALL Infrared Emitter]
PSU: 5V/1.2A
Dimensions 180mm [W] x 124mm [D] x 25mm [H]
Net Weight 450g