Component Video to VGA/Component Video Converter

SKU: CP-265
CP-265 - 45 degree
CP-265 - 45 degree
CP-265 - Front
CP-265 - Back
The ​CP-265 is a plug-n-play component (YPbPr/YCbCr) to RGBHV color space converter. It allows you to view HDTV programs from your DVD players, video games,or HDTV Set Top Boxes on your PC monitors or projectors via PC VGA input.
  • Supports all component interlaced and progressive formats
  • Output is RGBHV on HD-15 connector
  • Simple to operate, plug and play
Inputs 3x RCA [1x YCbCr Component / YPbPr Component]
Outputs 1x HD-15 [1x PC RGBHV]
PSU: 5V/1.2A
Dimensions 76mm [W] x 103mm [D] x 30mm [H]
Net Weight 180g