VGA/Component Video to VGA/Component Video Scaler

SKU: CP-291N
CP-291N - 45 degree
CP-291N - 45 degree
CP-291N - Front
CP-291N - Back
This Scaler Box is designed to upscale PC/HD input sources to PC/HD output of wide-range PC/HD resolution up to WUXGA/1080p. This unit  has a comprehensive OSD menu that allows user to select a variety of output resolutions and adjust for best picture quality. It is ideal for using between incompatible PC source and display by changing picture resolution to match the native resolution of the HD display.
  • ​Supports full range of PC resolution from VGA ~ WUXGA (RB) and HD resolution from 480i~1080p
  • Provides output picture adjustment on contrast, brightness, hue, saturation, sharpness, RGB (color tone) level and aspect ratio size
  • Automatically detect the factory setting of the connected display and output the corresponding resolution and refresh rate, when the NATIVE output is selected
Inputs 1x 15-pin D-sub [1x PC/HD RGBHV / YPbPr Component]
1x USB Type A [1x SERVICE Propriety Data]
Outputs 1x 15-pin D-sub [1x PC/HD RGBHV / YPbPr Component]
1x 15-pin D-sub [1x PC/HD BYPASS RGBHV / YPbPr Component]
PSU: 5V/2.6A
Dimensions 102mm [W] x 158mm [D] x 25mm [H]
Net Weight 342g