HDMI Signal Generator with HDCP and EDID Analyzer

CPHD-1 - 45 degree
CPHD-1 - 45 degree
CPHD-1 - Front
CPHD-1 - Back

​The HDMI Pattern Generator is a handy tool for evaluation and testing of displays/panels. With the combination of its various timings, patterns and color spaces, CPHD-1 can provide up to 4095 types of video testing signals. Besides video patterns, the generator also supports 3 types of audio testing signal, one built-in shine wave, one external analog audio, and one external digital audio input through S/PDIF. The control over CPHD-1 is simple yet comprehensive, as you can use the on-panel buttons or remote controller to select from the timings, patterns, color spaces, DVI/HDMI output, and audio signal type, while you can also choose to use the bundled Windows software application to perform advanced control, such like timing/pattern programming, EDID reading and writing.


  • Provides total 39 Timings and 39 Patterns
  • Supports HDCP signal verification pattern (P39)
  • On-panel LED display and LED indicators
  • Remote control
Inputs 1x TOSLINK [1x OPTICAL 2 Channel LPCM]
2x RCA [1x Stereo (L/R)]
1x DE-9 [1x RS-232 Data]
Outputs 1x HDMI [1x Uncompressed AV and Data]
PSU: 5V/2.6A
Dimensions 280mm [W] x 130mm [D] x 44mm [H]
Net Weight 1500g