6U Rack Chassis

SKU: CSR-G6300
CSR-G6300 - 45 degree
CSR-G6300 - 45 degree
CSR-G6300 - Front
CSR-G6300 - Back
These flexible rack-mounting systems offer the ability to efficiently house up to 15 professional AV products and are available as either a 3U or 6U rack chassis. These storage units are suitable for customers who require the efficient integration and mounting of multiple units into a relatively small rack space along with optional cooling fans and intelligent power control. Each rack chassis is a standard 19 inches wide. The system allows for the optional inclusion of up to 2 power supply units, multiple cooling fan units, and empty trays for mounting non-standard equipment.

  • Rack chassis with 19 inch width designed for installation into standard rack cabinets (6U or 3U height)
  • A maximum of 15 individual units may be installed in a single chassis
  • Optional accessories include: Power supply unit, Cooling fan unit, and empty trays for mounting non-standard equipment
  • Optional cooling fan units can be temperature controlled to automatically turn the fan on or off as needed
  • Each optional power supply unit provides remote power control and power state monitoring for up to 8 devices plus up to 2 fans
Dimensions 483mm [W] x 349mm [D] x 264mm [H]
Net Weight 6200g