3U Mounting Tray

CSR-TRAY3300 - Front
CSR-TRAY3300 - Front
CSR-TRAY3300 - Back

These utility trays provide a flexible way to mount non-rackmount or non-standard equipment and accessories within the 3U/6U Rack Chassis. Each shelf contains vent holes designed to allow the free circulation of air around any attached gear and can help lower the overall temperature within the Rack Chassis. The front and back of the standard tray is open to allow for the easy connection of cables and to monitor the device(s).

  • Mounting holes are arranged in a flexible pattern allowing for easy installation using screws
  • Vented shelf design improves airflow in the Rack Chassis
  • Save space by placing non-rackmount equipment into your rack
Dimensions 108mm [W] x 110mm [D] x 25mm [H]
Net Weight 118g