HDMI/VGA/RS-232 to HDMI/RS-232 Video Wall Controller

CVW-11HS - 45 degree
CVW-11HS - 45 degree
CVW-11HS - Front
CVW-11HS - Back

The CVW-11HS is ideal for advertising, entertainment and general display of information. The device allows users to display HDMI™ or PC sources to multiple high definition monitors. Thanks to the built-in RS-232 control, users are able to fully customize the panels allowing complete control over 2 by 2, 3 by 3, 4 by 4 and 5 by 5 video wall configurations. The device has a built-in PC to HDMI scaler, which allows the PC video signal to be integrated and converted to the digital HDMI signal input of the video wall. There is a pair of additional audio L/R RCA connectors for the user to output analog audio (de-embedded from the HDMI source, or routed from the analog audio input) to local speakers. Further, the IR remote and the RS-232 control allow users control from anywhere they wish.


  • Supports 6 or more video wall combinations of H×V: 2×2 (4 monitors), 3×2 (6 monitors), 3×3 (9 monitors), 4×3 (12 monitors),4×4 (16 monitors) and 5×5 (25 monitors)
  • Supports both HDMI and PC (with audio) sources
  • Resolution support up to 1080p Full HD
  • Uses RS-232 cables to cascade to each connected device to remotely control each monitor with a single setting
  • Supports external IR receiver for IR remote control
  • HDMI, HDCP, and DVI compliant
Inputs 1x HDMI [1x HDMI Uncompressed AV and Data]
1x 3.5mm [1x Phone Jack Stereo(L/R)]
1x HD-15 [1x PC RGBHV]
1x DE-9 [1x RS-232 RS-232 Data]
Outputs 1x HDMI [1x HDMI Uncompressed AV and Data]
1x DE-9 [1x RS-232 RS-232 Data]
PSU: 5V/3.6A
Dimensions 200mm [W] x 155mm [D] x 45mm [H]
Net Weight 815g