Bi-directional Stereo Audio over Single CAT5e/6/7 Receiver with RS-232 Control

DCT-32RX - 45 degree
DCT-32RX - 45 degree
DCT-32RX - Front
DCT-32RX - Back
The Analog Stereo over CAT5e/6/7 Extender set can send and receive analog audio signals over a single run of CAT5e/6 cable up to 300m. It has the added benefit of RS-232 pass-through allowing control of devices and the Power over Ethernet (PoE) function can power the receiver unit eliminating the need for a second power supply, providing greater flexibility in installations.
  • Supports bi-directional transmission (in/out) of analog audio and RS-232 pass-through
  • Supports Power over Ethernet (PoE) to the Receiver unit
  • Bi-directional RS-232 control
Inputs 2x RCA [1x Stereo (L/R)]
1x RJ-45 [1x Propriety Data]
Outputs 2x RCA [1x Stereo (L/R)]
1x DE-9 [1x RS-232 Data]
PSU: 12V/1.25A
Dimensions 102mm [W] x 116mm [D] x 25mm [H]
Net Weight 242g